Martha Lewis - composer, vocalist, acoustic guitar and percussion



Martha Lewis is a British - born Greek Cypriot composer whose career began on guitar and voice at the age of 8. Significant landmarks in her early musical journey were, fronting her first semi-pro R'n'B covers band at 14 and going on to complete a Performing Arts degree BA (Hons) where she majored in music. Over the next 5 years, Martha developed a career both as a recording and live session musician and vocalist in London.

Martha's route unexpectedly changed in 1987 through the creation with Eve Polycarpou of the much acclaimed award-winning comedy and music duo Donna & Kebab. The duo rapidly went on to accumulate TV, radio and theatre credits and in 1993, renamed donna & kbb, focused their attention on their songwriting partnership. The duo, have since recorded 2 albums, a club single, and have toured Europe and the Middle East. with recordings which chart their hugely popular acoustic 'Mediterranean-soul' style.

Martha has been a featured vocalist on sound track albums and club singles. Writes and performs on radio adverts and has written music for TV documentaries and short films.


Martha has recieved commisions for compositions from the London Arts Board and The Arts Council Of GB.

Martha has recently received a commission from The Arts Council of Great Britain for a 30 minute piece of music which pays homage to the musical styles and influences of Rembetika singers Sotiria Bellou and Rosa Eskenazy.

Cafe Aman

In 1996 Martha began to create her own style of composition. A classical urban mix, with colourful Eastern modes fusing the contemporary cosmopolitan influences of her upbringing in London, with Rembetika, the music of the Greek refugees from 1920s Asia Minor. Rembetika music - which Martha has a deep affinity to - featured strongly in her parents' lives when she was growing up.

Martha created the 9 piece band Cafe Aman to perform her compositions, in which she sings, plays guitar and percussion. Cafe Aman was the result of a commission from the London Arts Board in 1996 premiered at the South Bank, London and received wide acclaim after a broadcast of the concert in March 1997 by BBC Radio 3.

For further details go to the Cafe Aman web site.