martha & eve 'STAY' (2001)

A 13 track acoustic album of cross cultural percussion, steely edged driving guitars and two of the finest rock, soul, mediterranean tinged voices. What you hear on this album is what you get live.

find It
go there
ese nino (this child)
alright all night
two taxis
if you go away*
se hriazoume (I need you)
soldier on
aspro mandilli
san bakis (last look)*
where are you now

All tracks written by martha and eve except *


Martha and Eve, "Go it alone and produce such inspiring material...

You've got to hand it to these women, a creative partnership for some time now, STAY, their third album is immotive lyrically and the tunes are at times up-beat and funky. The mediterranean influence resonates beautifully as the album mixes up soul and folk and if you are into a good old melody to get you going, this is the album for you."

CD Review in g3 magazine. Nov 2001

"Rightfully described as 'Mediterranean Soul'...this delicious debut...

From the duo formerly known as Donna and KBB, Martha and Eve, celebrate thirteen years of glorious
collaboration with thirteen finely produced bitter-sweet tunes. Hard to
describe these as love songs, rather the sharing of women's life experiences
with uncluttered semi-acoustic arrangements, which build in intensity
creatively developing their deep Mediterranean musical roots. Two potent
tracks share a poignant awareness of what it means when you don't accept the
Turkish/Greek Cypriot divide and there's a fine cover of Jacques Brel's "If
You Go Away". Seek this out, it's a lovely laid back album.

CD Review by Debbie Golt, Women in Music Now