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Martha Lewis and Eve Polycarpou were also known as donna & kbb. Why?

In a previous incarnation they were donna & kebab the award winning British Born Greek-Cypriot music/comedy duo that combined their brilliant improvised humour with original music and skillful comedy sketches. The change of name from donna & kebab to donna & kbb, for those who knew them, subtly marked the change of direction in their partnership. For those who did not know them, the name of donna & kbb has been a little confusing, so over the years they have introduced their names martha and eve and gradually phased out being known as donna & kbb.

Change of direction to where?

Since 1992 they have focused their concentration on their music and songwriting partnership. They have made many recordings including their hugely popular debut album, donna & kbb are martha and eve (1996). They have also established a reputation for exceptional live performances in London, UK, Europe and the Middle East. They have also written music for TV & Film.

What is their live performance about?

On stage, whether in large concert halls, outdoor festivals or intimate club settings, their personalities are irresistably honest, raw, energetic and humerous and their gigs always have an emphasis on communicating with the audience. Their music and lyrics mostly come from personal experiences, so its easy to see who they are.

Do they gig as a duo?

Yes, their distinctive voicework, guitar and percussion style provide the essence of their sound.

What now?

Having recorded a 5 track CD sampler in 2000, martha and eve have now released a 13 track album entitled 'stay'. This, their third album, reflects the spirit of their live performances.